Camelsdale Primary School

Camelsdale Primary School

Camelsdale Primary School is delighted to receive a grant from Sport Haslemere. This sees the school linking in with sports associations and clubs in the town. Children who show an interest or aptitude in a particular sport are pointed in the direction of community clubs to enhance their skills and enjoyment of the sport.

The school has benefitted through its partnership with Sport Haslemere by being the kind recipient of grants to further enhance sport provision or facilities at the school. In April 2015, it received a £500 grant for a sports canopy.

Purpose of Grant

The purpose of this grant was to contribute towards a canopy on our new “Band Stand” which provides much needed shelter and shade for spectators whilst watching school sport. The Band Stand has become a real focal point within the school grounds. It is used as a central stage for the summer fete and sports day.

Impact on the School

It has meant more spectators have been able to watch sport both in rain and sunshine- really encouraging our sports teams and individuals! As one pupil said, “I can see my mum and dad cheering me on and I feel so proud and want to do my best.” The Band Stand with its canopy is an eye-catching and important central feature in our grounds. It also comes into its own every holiday when the school provides The Man in the Moon Drama Day Camps. This sees over twenty families supported each day throughout the holidays with enjoyable child care. The Band Stand acts as a fantastic outdoor theatre here! Thank you Sport Haslemere!

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