Camelsdale Primary School

Camelsdale Primary School

Size and date of Grant:

A grant of £500 was made in 2013/14 to support the “Field of Dreams” project run by the school

Purpose of Grant:

To support our “Field of Dreams” project

How was it used:

The grant was used as a contribution towards the £20,000 which was needed and subsequently raised to install an effective drainage system under the school playing field.

Impact on the School:

Prior to the ”Field of Dreams” project the school field was extremely waterlogged and unusable for sports and at playtimes from October to March. Since the “Field of Dreams” project drainage has been improved which has enabled greater use of the playing field facilities throughout the year.

How has the grant helped to market the School in the local area:

The project received high profile in the community. Many people contributed as we sold squares of the field and was very well promoted by our fundraising team. The school enjoys a good reputation and improved sporting facilities helped to strengthen the strong community spirit. The field adds further to the range of opportunities provided by the school.