Grayshott Cricket Club

Grayshott Cricket Club

Size and Date of Grant:

A grant of £800 was made in December 2014

Purpose of Grant:

Despite installing an artificial pitch in 2007, and using this pitch in conjunction with our grass pitch, together with hiring three other cricket grounds each week for junior cricket, the club was struggling to stage sufficient junior cricket matches to meet demand due to the growth at the club in the last few years.

How was it used:

The grant was used to purchase and install a second artificial pitch which will allow more junior cricket matches to be staged and cater for further growth.
Furthermore a second artificial pitch allows for more coaching sessions to be run safely when currently overnight rain occurs, making the outfield too damp. In 2014 we lost 25% of our younger age group coaching sessions due to overnight rain, whereas those organised on an artificial pitch went ahead.

Impact on the Club:

The club did not lose any coaching sessions in 2015 and started to play Under 8 and Under 9 matches on the pitch thereby introducing more children to cricket at an earlier age.
How has the grant helped to market the club in getting new members:
The grant has enabled more coaching opportunities and more matches to be played thereby making the club even more attractive to join.