Grayshott Football Club

Grayshott Football Club

Size and date of Grant:

Approx £300 Q4 2014

Purpose of Grant:

The grant was used in the purchase of new white lining equipment for the football pitches.

Impact on the Club:

In the past the Cricket Club and Football Club have shared lining machines. This has been in service for a number of years. In recent times the FA has changed the rules for football at different age groups, meaning pitch sizes have to change and therefore more pitches are needed. To differentiate we have to use two different colour paints (White/Yellow for different pitch markings). We have to continuously clean the machines and often waste good paint. The new machine was much easier to handle, and transferred the paint to the grass much better, thus saving our ground staff valuable time. It has helped reduce paint costs, save time and make the pitch markings a lot more visible for the players.

How has the grant helped to market the club in getting new members:

The ability to make sure our excellent pitches look good, no matter the weather ensures the club has a great reputation in the community.