Haslemere Hockey Club

Haslemere Hockey Club

Size and date of Grant:

£1,000 October 2016

Purpose of Grant:

Haslemere Hockey Club is a community club, and we are very keen to attract young players from all walks of life. We started coaching in the local state primary schools in 2013, providing sport for all.

Our Schools’ programme gives children, with perhaps less opportunities, a chance to take part in a team sport, make new friends, keep healthy and have fun. Over 90% of them have never held a hockey stick before we started the programme and the majority play very little organised sport in the school day.

Most importantly it gives the children an opportunity to enjoy themselves, and they then hopefully join our Club with its 460+ playing members. Our present junior membership comes largely from local private schools where sports facilities are much better and where sport is encouraged. We want to widen our membership to include any young person.

How was it used and impact on the Club

Day Time Programme

Over the years we have been coaching between 280 and 560 children a week in various local state primary schools, where normal sports facilities/opportunities are perhaps not what they could be. This coaching is done in the school day.

The day time sessions are a feeder for the ‘After school Club’ at Woolmer Hill, with the more interested children going along on Friday evenings for more concentrated coaching sessions. The two parts of the Programme go hand in hand, and will in turn feed and sustain our adult section of Haslemere Hockey Club in the longer term.

After School Club

There are about 30 children who are registered for After School Club at Woolmer Hill and last season, there have been 3 coaches working on these Friday evening sessions.

We hope that all our kind donors will see this as a good project, and we thank our donors very much. The sustainability of the project is very important, and we want to keep it going on a long term basis to raise the hockey profile within the state school sector.